Sunday, November 18, 2012


This past Spring, we found on KSL and brought home an adopted dog named Blanche. She is a 6 year old Italian Spinone and is a very sweet and even tempered dog. She never barks, is completely potty trained, and is very tolerant with kids. The only problem we have with Blanche is that she is also a very scared dog. She's scared of the vacuum, the hardwood floors, but mostly she is scared of bells. Whenever I turn on the laundry or cook a meal in the microwave or oven or if I have a timer set, she shakes uncontrollably. The other day, after setting the timer for Addie to work on homework while I cleaned, I let Blanche out back so she wouldn't have to hear the timer go off. After the 30 minute of homework were done, I opened the door to let her back in and she was gone. I didn't worry because she has magicked her way out of our backyard and returned home safely before, so I continued cleaning my kitchen. As I was sweeping the front room, I noticed a big, dark dog sitting in our front yard. I opened the door to shew it away but instead, it came running into my house and headed upstairs. It was then that I realized the big, dark dog was in fact our big, white dog covered in mud! (My poor clean floors). I quickly grabbed her collar and lead her back outside to determine what to do. After calling Jardin, who was in Idaho taking the MCAT, we decided to leave her in the garage with food and water until he could come home to wash her, but not before taking a few pictures so Jar could get the full effect. However, Blanche knew she was in trouble and wouldn't turn around to face me. Needless to say, our dog is very odd and has quite the personality! It's a good thing we love her so much!

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Abby said...

How funny!
Have you ever read the childrens book, Harry the Dirty Dog? Same story!
Sounds like a lovable pup!